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Fletcher Lawson

Hello and Welcome to ACUmg.org!

This website has been created to provide the latest and recent reviews, comments, events and all other details that you are looking for that relates to different universities in the United States. Managed by ACUmg LLC, we also aim to reach out current and future students and internet surfers who are seeking university infos in general.

Other focus of this website is also to help out international student who are currently studying and aiming to Study here for their future success, as mentioned from one of the previous blog post:

“Studying abroad may be a standout amongst the most advantageous experiences for a college student. It is also proven to be an essential addition to CVs that helps graduates emerge from the crowd. International students are expected to have splendid language skills. After all, they may originate from a country that speaks a totally diverse language and uses a letter in order to not remotely resemble the Latin alphabet. Yet they decide to move to a country to study in a dialect they have been learning for just five years and so on, while contending adequately with domestic students.
Just the individuals who have an energy for learning languages can succeed. International students are regularly multilingual or bilingual. They additionally have a tendency to have an excellent writing abilities, as they invest years mastering the most fundamental grammatical structures of a dialect, which the local speakers sometimes ignores. In a globalizing world with multinational corporate growing, having brilliant language skills, enhance the desirability of International students. Living alone in an outside nation is no simple task. Pining to go home is an everyday occurrence which cannot be cured by a short prepare or auto venture,family can be more than four time zones away.”

Founded by Fletcher Lawson, our chairman ACUmg is on it’s way to the to continue providing all the useful data that you would need.

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